Frequently asked questions

Owning a Motorhome

Some frequently asked quetsions about owning a Roller Team motorhome. If your still have questions you can always contact the team here.

Do I need a large vehicle or different license?

No, a standard A Class 1 drivers license is all your need to drive a new motorhome.

How do I empty/deal with the waste tank?

Grey water, from the sink & shower, and waste will need to be disposed of at approved dump stations. This should typically be done every 2-3 days. Dump stations can typically be found at camp grounds and some service/petrol stations.

My motorhome needs a COF, can you do these?

Unfortunatly we do not. COF inspections are carried out by LTSA agencies are or large vehicle service centre with COF inspection abilities.

How much gear can a motorhome carry/tow?

Most motorhome's in the Roller Team range have a braked towing capacity of up to 750kg.The Roller team Motorhomes are also able to carry an additional 420Kg of internal weight.

Are certifications required for the electric and/or gas required?

Yes, Roller Team motorhomes come with a certification from the factory. These will need to be renewed by certified gas & electric fitters.

Any general rules or regulations I should be aware of?

We recommend familiarising yourself with the information on the NZTA website. You'll need to refer to individual council websites for any local rules and regulations.

Are there any clean car fees on these motorhomes?

No, the Roller Team range of motorhomes do not incur any Clean Car Fees due to their gross vehicle mass exceeding 3,500kgs.